Helping With The Website

The website serves as the hub for connecting different facets of the music scene together. The management of the website involves work producing and maintaining content as well as the technical aspects of hosting the website.

Events Calendar

The events calendar is a central piece of the website with a goal of bringing visibility to all known music-related activities within the area.

  • Curate and post events to the events calendar
  • Help set up automated channels for posting recurring events and venue calendars

Writing and Content

In addition to the events calendar and details, the site aims to provide informational content and such as directory listings, summaries of local venues and services as well as news items, opinions and other relevant topics of interest.

  • Information and Archives
  • Published Pieces - news stories, opinions, interest topics
  • General site editing, maintaining consistent styles and tone


  • Create photo archives and collections.
  • Highlight photos, videos, audio around the site
  • Help manage digital media collections


Help work on the technical side of the website and ensure the site meets some important criteria. The website prioritizes accessibility and being available without hassle on whatever device or platform the user chooses.

  • Help develop parts of the website, add new features, fix bugs
  • Audit user privacy, accessibility and cross-platform / cross-device support

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