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The Whisper House

Address502 W 1st St, Claremont

The Whisper House opened in July 2015 and is located inside the Claremont Packing House. Since then, The Whisper House has been serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of food. Our unique restaurant boasts some eclectic dishes while still offering cuisine that many have labeled “comfort with a twist.”

The Whisper House’s interior captures the true essence of the Prohibition era. If guests stay past 9 o’clock each evening, they will have an opportunity to step back into time and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a speakeasy. The traditional decor reflects the hip sensibilities of 1920’s classicalism while also paying tribute to the era’s storied past. The industrial undertones of the restaurant and bar offers a unique and modern experience for all.