Facebook Group for Community Discussions

To help spur discussion and ideas, a Facebook Group is now available

By Brian Luft
Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020

As part of the “connecting the community” philosophy, I’ve wanted to have a forum available to help facilitate networking and sharing ideas. Options for online forums are numerous; Facebook Groups presents an option to get started easily and reach a wide audience. It remains to be seen whether a forum is too exotic or unstructured for our local community. I hope a few brave, enthusiastic people will join and start some discussions. With the right group and a little momentum, forums can turn into a useful destination for networking and sharing.

Consider joining the Group if you have ideas to share, you have useful information about events or venues, you’re looking to start a new group, class, or project. Join the group if you’re just looking for people to chat with, share stories with, or get advice. Come hang out if you’re curious about what the music scene thing is, or what people might be working on.

You can find the Group via our Facebook Page or via: Claremont Music Scene Facebook Group

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